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How Can Chiropractic Care Benefit Your Pet

How Can Chiropractic Care Benefit Your Pet?

It is difficult for many pet owners to watch their dogs or cats who have difficulty moving about during play, walks, or just through the progress of an ordinary day. While aging or medical conditions will naturally affect a pet's quality of life, chiropractic health treatments can be a way to rejuvenate a pet's range of motion, or help them to rehabilitate in the aftermath of a surgical operation. Our Des Moines veterinarians here at Pawsitive Strides have extensive experience in pet chiropractic medicine, and understand what treatments can help your dogs or cats feel like their old selves again.

More Than Just Treating Symptoms

Just like human chiropractic medicine, animal chiropractic treatments seek to adjust the musculoskeletal dimensions of a patient's body, reducing strain on joints, improving circulation, and adjusting anything that's not quite in place. As pets get older, they can benefit from chiropractic treatments for conditions like arthritis, which allows them to gain greater flexibility and endurance. What's more, chiropractic care for a pet can help to manage or prevent chronic pain or injuries, especially in breeds that have a higher propensity for particular health issues.

Our experienced veterinarian in Des Moines understands how to work with the spine and limbs of pets to move misplaced muscles or bones. This process relieves the pressure on a pet's frame, allowing them to feel better in a short period of time, or healing from any conditions that had been keeping them down. Typically, chiropractic treatment is an addition to another veterinary solution, such as surgery or medicine, although it can often be used by itself to give a pet a superior bill of health.

Many different conditions may require a chiropractic treatment. Perhaps the most common are degenerative diseases that affect bones, tendons, cartilage, and muscles, all of which reduce a pet's mobility. Acute tension and muscle spasms can also be relieved by our Des Moines chiropractor, who understands the fundamentals of pet anatomy and can target the exact location for treatment. Finally, chiropractic treatments can be beneficial for a pet's psychology as well as physical health, providing a sense of relaxation to overcome issues like separation anxiety.

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