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Veterinary Rehabilitation & Therapy Center
in Des Moines Iowa

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At Pawsitive Strides, a Des Moines Veterinary Rehabilitation & Therapy Center, we are animal lovers through and through! Your pet is our highest priority, whether we are providing post-operative therapy or starting a treatment to improve your pet's overall quality of life. We will treat them as if we were their guardian pet parent.

At Pawsitive Strides, our team will spend the time. You will be an integral part of the development of your pet's care and therapy plan, ensuring a cooperative effort between yourself and the care team!

Our goal at Pawsitive Strides Veterinary Rehabilitation & Therapy is to alleviate pain and restore our patients to maximal function, improving their quality of life.

Relieving Pain – Promoting Fitness – Improving Recovery

Nancy Peterson
Des Moines Rehabilitation & Therapy Veterinarian | Pawsitive Strides Veterinary Rehabilitation & Therapy | (515) 575-9655

2911 Ingersoll Ave
Des Moines, Iowa 50312


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Pawsitive Strides | Veterinary Rehabilitation & Therapy

2911 Ingersoll Ave. Des Moines, IA,50312


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Learn Who We Are

  • Shelbi Veterinary Assistant

    Shelbi is a Des Moines native, and grew up spending many summer days at the Blank Park Zoo. She’s always been interested in the behavior and rehabilitation of animals, and knew that she would love to work hands-on to better the lives of the earth’s creatures. That’s why Shelbi decided to become a member of the veterinary profession!

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  • Tess Registered Veterinary Technician

    Ever since she was a little girl, Tess has had a passion for veterinary medicine. All she’s ever wanted to do was help animals live happier, healthier lives! She gets to do just that as a Registered Veterinary Technician at Ingersoll Animal Hospital.

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  • Dr. N.T. Peterson
    Dr. Peterson has always felt a deep connection with animals. Whether she was bonding with her childhood pets, helping a client’s treasured cat to recover from an illness, or playing with her own affectionate dogs, she always felt that animals greatly enriched her life. To give back to these loving creatures who have such generous spirits, Dr. Peterson has dedicated her career to helping improve animals’ health, comfort, and quality of life!
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  • Becky Nichols
    Becky is a Certified Canine Massage Therapist, Certified Veterinary Assistant, and a Medical Laser Technician. This dedicated, animal-loving lady keeps herself updated on the latest veterinary medicine advances, and she’s always ready to adapt to new technologies to better help her furry patients.
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  • Dr. S. Harder

    Dr. Harder has been with Pawsitive Strides since November 2016. She is a 1978 graduate of Iowa State University. She practiced equine veterinary medicine for 38 years, selling her practice in 2016.

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  • Kacie Jones
    Veterinary Assistant Team Lead

    Kacie has been with Ingersoll Animal Hospital since 2016 and has assisted at Pasitive Strides in multiple capacities since joining our team.

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  • Megan Hastie
    Veterinary Assistant

    Megan joined the Ingersoll Animal Hospital team as a Veterinary Assistant in 2017 and Pawsitive Strides as a Rehab Assistant after expressing her interest in the rehab field.


What our clients say about us

  • "I love taking my dogs to Pawsitive Strides!I Dr. Peterson is very knowledgeable and very thorough. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable too. Thanks to Dr. Peterson I have a very active 9 year old lab and my 5 year old lab is on a healthy path for a long and active life too!"
    Tawnya L.
  • "Our dog has had 4 surgeries and 5 injuries in the last 9 months. We found out he had a growth defect and required a series of surgeries for a better quality of life. He has been going to Pawsitive Strides for a few weeks now and I’m shocked at the improvements he has made. For the 1.5 years we have had him he has never gone up the stairs. Either he circled endlessly and leapt, or we had to carry him. Yesterday he walked up the stairs normally on his own. I credit PS with this progress and can’t wait to see how he continues on this journey. Their vet, vet techs and staff are incredible and truly passionate about animals."
    Meg Y.
  • "I have great experiences with Pawsitive Strides. I have three older animals, two dogs and one cat. All have had treatments because of arthritis and other joint and muscle issues. All have responded to well to treatments, and there is a noticeable change in their ability to move around and their comfort level. Regular treatments have greatly improved their quality of life."
    Larry R.
  • "The staff at Pawsitive Strides was fantastic! Scout is a very energetic dog, especially since she is injured and on "rest." They took her energy in stride and worked with her, not against her. Scout loved going there and seeing everyone and they also answered all my questions with ease, no matter how ridiculous they were! Hopefully we have to never visit Pawsitive Strides again, but if the need does arise I know we will be in excellent hands!!!"
    Meghan G.
  • "Dusty is an older Husky/Lab mix and Pawsitive Strides has definitely helped keep the quality of her life in a positive place."
    James W.
  • "Pawsitive Strides does such a great job. Highly skilled and loves every dog as if it as their own. We do ongoing therapy with my dog, and it has made her stronger, healthier and happier. I recommend them so highly. They are the best."
    Sharon P.
  • "Caring and professional pet rehabilitation services. Helping pets get back to a healthier life. What a great way to condition a show dog. Lily loves coming there as much as Little Guy did. Thank you for loving our Poms and making them love you for the fun and attention you give them."
    Bonnie H.
  • "Love this place and so does my dog. The staff member's are always super kind, caring and knowledgeable! I love how calming the place is for the dogs and my dog loves how they never run out of treats!"
    Casey S.
  • "The team at Pawsitive Strides is incredible! You can expect a high-quality, experienced team who will provide your pet with love and affection while helping them heal/strengthen. Their hearts are in their work and it shows. Our dog has made an incredible transformation in a short time thanks to everyone there. He couldn't walk on his own when he first arrived, and now he's running and playing like it's nothing! We are incredibly thankful for the time, energy, love, and resources this team has poured onto our boy!"
    Tiffany C.
  • "I’ve been taking my 11 y/o lab there for the last few months to deal with arthritis in his spine and toes. Within the last couple weeks we are back to short walks without pain and having an interest in playing with his beloved tennis balls again. Thank you!!!"
    Steph M.
  • "We took our Irish Red & White in for a birth defect evaluation. That was the most comprehensive evaluation I had ever seen on one of my dogs. I could not be happier with the services provided by Dr. Peterson and her staff."
    Katy M.
  • ""..With each visit with Dr. Peterson and her staff, Bandit was reevaluated. His treatments and exercises were adjusted to insure continued progress. Within 3 weeks Bandit was walking, not normally but was mobile on his own. Within 5 weeks Bandit was 90% back to normal: walking, running, jumping and playing...""
    Chris E.