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What's the Big Deal About the Underwater Treadmill?

Are you curious about underwater therapy and how it can benefit your pet? When you imagine your pet in the water, do you see them peacefully swimming along or frantically flailing their limbs? Most owners imagine the latter. Truthfully, most pets enjoy underwater treadmill therapy. During a therapy session, their feet never leave the ground, which gives them a sense of security.

What is Underwater Treadmill Therapy (UWTM)?

Hydrotherapy in an underwater treadmill uses the natural properties of water to provide feelings of weighlessness and stability. Hydrostatic pressure provides cardiovascular conditioning and therapeutic benefits in a safe environment. At Pawsitive Strides Veterinary Rehabilitation & Therapy, we provide a full assessment prior to underwater treadmill use and developp an exercise plan to specifically meet the needs of your pet. Sessions vary in length and intensity and are always overseen by our specially-trained technicians and veterinarians.

How Does it Work?

Underwater treadmill therapy provides a low-impact, soothing workout. UWTM patients se an earlier return to to function, including improvements in muscle strength after injury and better range of motion of compromised joints.

Who Can Benefit from UWTM?

The underwater treadmill is great for dogs of any age and athletic ability. Older dogs benefit by building up their rear end strength and/or recovering confidence after slips or trips at home. Dogs with dysplasia or joint pain enjoy the pain relief provided by the non-weight-bearing properties provided by the water and the massaging pressure from the jets. In addition, the underwater treadmill improves circulation, decreases swelling/edema, calms the nervous system, and soothes aching muscles.

UWTM is also becoming more frequently used in animals for athletic conditioning and weight management. The resistance of water makes a specific workout 3 to 5 times more productive than it would be on land; even at a slow walk, your pet can get an intense workout.

If you are interested in more information regarding Underwater Treadmill Therapy at Pawsitive Strides, please call (515-575-9655) and schedule an appointment today.

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